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Home Again Before Yesterday: A Multi-Media Performance

A Collaboration between Conflunece Performance Project, Collapss, and Harriet Hoover

Featuring new choreography by Brianna Taylor, Danielle Kinne, and Emily Aiken, new music by Laurent Estoppey and Collapss, and a new performance installation and visual art by Harriet Hoover.


A part of the 17DAYS Arts & Culture Festival! Friday September 18-Saturday September 19, 8pm at the Crown Theatre located on the 4th floor of the historic Carolina Theatre in Downtown Greensboro.


Dance: Brianna Taylor, Emily Aiken, Danielle Kinne, Dylan Reddish, Grace Duque, Amelia Byrd, Nicole Ramsey, Laura Gumbrecht, and Michele Trumble.



Laurent Estoppey: saxophone, electronics, composition; Steve Stusek: saxophone; Brian Tyndall: bass


Sound installation: Nick Rich


Performance/art installation: Harriett Hoover



Home Again Before Yesterday is a multi-media performance event combining dance, music and visual art and performance installation about home, history and family lineage.

A collaboration between artists, each looks at the central theme of family lineage and ways our heritage can simultaneously support and confine us… How it can shape our world-view and also offer a framework from which to resist, reflect, or recalculate our lives. How do we remain connected to our immediate and distant families in today’s fast paced and often spread out society? How and why do we create new families within new communities? Do energetic cords to loved ones past and present influence our day-to-day lives? How have our daily habits and patterns been affected by our lineage, and how do we shed what is not serving our highest potential? How can we effectively honor the past, remain actively in the present, while simultaneously plan for a better future?


Assemble, Unravel, Revolve:

An Evening of Contemporary Dance at Greenhill

August 27th, 2014

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